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DoD Influenza Surveillance Summary (10 April 2014)

  • NORTHCOM: ILI and P&I activity continues to decrease. The percent of outpatient encounters due to ILI and P&I were below baseline.
  • EUCOM: ILI and P&I activity fluctuated slightly this week but is still trending downwards. There was 1 RME among dependents.
  • PACOM: ILI and P&I activity remains stable and has been trending downwards. The percent of outpatient encounters due to P&I and ILI remain below baseline.
  • CENTCOM: The percent of encounters that were ILI or P&I related remained low and was below baseline.
Presentation to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (28 February 2012)
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DoD Pandemic Influenza Watchboard